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Here you go, Learn a little bit about us!

Based in mainland Tanzania, FAHOT is an organisation on a mission to indentify, encourage and promote culturally, socially, spiritually, and economically youth development through talent empowerment. Our main objective is to develop talents and capability to young people through a close support provided by a team of dedicated volunteer adult advisors in schools, villages, urban and sub-urban localities that will impart life skills to children aged 6 -25 years old in wide range of area of interest including education, arts, artisanal and crafts, literacy work, theater, dancing, drawing, playing musical instruments training), agriculture (crop farming and animal husbandry), environmental conservation work, forestation and awareness, establishment of SMEs and micro-enterprises management skills, leadership skills, community health and other areas of young people’s interest to boost economic development and welfare of the program participants.


 To support children and young people of various talents to acquire life skills for their bright future


To prepare tomorrow’s citizens physically, mentally spiritually, culturally and economically through provision of talent-oriented work built on needs and interests of the children and young people.

Family Hope Foundation Tanzania (FAHOT)
P.O.BOX 62443
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Cellular:+255 754 366 523
+255715 366 523